Document Management Solution

At Re-code Africa, we offer Document Management Solutions. Our system enables tracking, managing and storing of documents and reduce paper-work. Our system also has version control and history tracking, where a client can keep a record of the various versions created and modified by different users.

What are the Key Features of a Document Management System?

When you have Re-code Africas Document Management Solution, you get your files organised and let you access the documents in electronic format.

When building our Document Management System, Re-code Africa Technologies considered inclusion of the ability to manage unstructured documentation of an organization (fax, email, etc..).

The other key feature our Document Management system boasts is a powerful search engines, as well as management and permissions management processes and robust flexibility.

What will be your benefits for using our Document Management System?

  • Reduced cost of copy number
  • Increased productivity in the searche
  • Re-routing of documents and reduce the file space
  • Integrated Management Information is obtained from the consolidation of transparent electronic documents and documents originating on paper
  • Standardization of processes of re-approval
  • Archiving and disposal of documents originating on paper
  • Scanning of documents
  • Decentralization of physical space, ie, documents and processes are always available, regardless of where and how the user accesses the application, access to these documents is done through a simple Web browser
  • Formation of a backup that allows easy retrieval of documents if there is a fire or flood in a physical file
  • The document management solutions have mechanisms for access control and security to protect your documents from unauthorized access.